Friday, August 04, 2006

The 180 Degrees - Youth Music and Missions Group based in the Philippines - Website is now Up and Under Construction

Here are some updates for the website ( that I have been developing over the past month. It's a lotta work but it needs to be done. So far the "index page" and the "about us" is done. I've also been updating our blog there.

Here are some info about 180 degrees:

The 180 Degrees is a youth music and missions group based in the Philippines. We believe that investing time and training to young people to reach their own generation will instill in their hearts the real need for workers in the mission field. We are a group of committed born again christian youth (ages 13-21) from various evangelical churches and commit ourselves to 180 degrees through a written contract on a year to year basis. We communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ through music and the performing arts. It enables us to reach out to youth in a very effective and creative way.

Kindly visit the site for more information and some pictures. I laso have another blog over there. hehe.