Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Making use of Boredom

The Holiday Season is Over

Nice. After being off from work for almost a week, which by the way takes 3 vacation leaves off my VL consumables, I'm back to work. This is the 2nd working day of the new year and I find myself in the same state as I was in before the year 2006 ended...I had nothing much to do.

Not that I am not thankful. I actually am. But sometimes I have to make myself productive (or better yet force myself to be!).

I have fixed / customized this blog so I would be saved of this having to do nothing and passing the time until I leave for home. I don't actually expect anyone to read this post but then again, I wouldn't want this blog to die and wither away. I am hoping to make it in the blogging world as many already did. This is my start. And hopefully I would be able to make as much online presence as I would like.

There are some ideas in my head to put here.
  1. Reflection of whatever I write in The 180 degrees blog
  2. Some documentation of the dream digital audio workstation that I will be building soon
  3. More online presence
  4. Thoughts on visual and musical production
  5. Probably an online diary which no one will read
  6. Force enough people to read
  7. Uhm....
I would like to bore you with more but I have typed enough already.